This has been written many times before by many others, and indeed I regularly find myself running into this fact: we started working with tools that were supposed to make our lives (read: work) easier and above all, that allowed us to work faster. And it did. It made repeatable actions obsolete, automation took over repetitive (read: boring) tasks.

But now, months, years later, on a daily basis I get to work on inherited projects where, before starting out, I spent hours on struggling and wrestling to get these tools to do what they're supposed to. The burden of wading through old versions, deprecated dependencies, uncompatible versions, new install locations after os updates, etc.

As a non-developer I understand "the big picture" and structure of these tools, but to be honest, the details, those that matter if you run into problems and are looking to fix them, they pass me by. And so everyday, there's at least one moment, where I feel totally stupid and incompetent and wonder how the hell I ended up here doing what I do. At those times, I wonder if I shouldn't throw all these tools away and go back to the basics: an editor and me, and that's it. No processors, no builds, no serves, nothing to watch, just type and see what I just wrote. Why should I struggle and feel stupid because of tools that, at the bottom line, I could do without.

But thanks the heavens for the community out there, that always has an answer. So every time I end up trying every solution offered by trial and error. I get to wade through the woods and eventually end up fixing the problems. And then I feel good again, almost proud, like I know what I'm doing. I learned something new, I managed to fix something I don't fully understand. And I keep continuing with those tools. because they do still do what they were supposed to: the make some taksks just easier and faster.

And the next day... , it starts all over again.