About rabbit holes

Generally before buying something new, I spend some decent amount of time researching all options, reading reviews, looking for other people’s experiences etc before deciding upon buying anything.
I call these searches my “dives into rabbit holes”. You jump into something out of a vague interest only to find that anything, really anything can turn into an expertise (or snobbery all to easy as well).

These journeys tended to take a fair amount of time, a couple of days to some weeks. But the older I get, the longer these journeys seem to get, as in months. Up to the point where I can’t decide upon any option anymore and I annoy every family member with my endless pondering.

On the other hand, I manage to create a list of decent things that have proven to be of good quality, reliable, sustainable and that I would recommend. I gathered some posts about things that surround me and will be expanding it gradually.