Design is teamwork

I am not a graphic designer nor am I an artist. I care about esthetics, I don’t care about “laying my artsy egg”. UX design is not about making something look pretty. It’s about making something work well, be clear, help users.As UX designers we learn to take a distance of our own preferences. We […]

The drive of learning new things

As I am getting older, I noticed learning new things changes. Nothing seems really “new” and often a “been there, seen that” feeling is around. But that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. I often described myself as an early sceptic, contrary to early adopters. But off course I always do check the new […]

The seven-headed product monster

Recently I had some conversations with people from different product teams in my environment (Flanders, Belgium). The red line connecting them, is that all these product teams started out with a good idea, an investment, devs and no designer.All to find x years later that their product turned out to be an untamable seven-headed monster. […]

What I’m not good at, unicorns and it’s ok

As a designer, or as anyone focussing on creating things on a daily basis, you probably have experienced what is called the ‘imposter syndrome‘. Impostor syndrome, also known as impostor phenomenon or impostorism, is a psychological occurrence in which people doubt their skills, talents, or accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed […]

About music and apple trees

I’ve been meaning to write more posts the past year. But I didn’t. I didn’t take the time to sit down, to stop doing other things and to write. I planned to write about our new apple tree and about a great album from the seventies, who both hold the name ‘paix’ and who both […]

Minimalist watches

Last update – 02-04-2021. I am the proud owner of a vintage ’70 Cornavin tiny wristwatch. Finding it was a long journey through history and a lot of watchmakers websites. As a lover of minimal design and black, I found so many beautiful timepieces I thought it might be interesting for some out there to […]

About rabbit holes

Generally before buying something new, I spend some decent amount of time researching all options, reading reviews, looking for other people’s experiences etc before deciding upon buying anything.I call these searches my “dives into rabbit holes”. You jump into something out of a vague interest only to find that anything, really anything can turn into […]

Vintage USSR watches

Apart from love for music, I inherited another fascination from my dad. A love for watches. I don’t remember when exactly he started collecting watches, or if he always has. But as a teenager he gave me my first “real watch”: sturdy, analogue, classic but not too much, leather wrist band, a chronometer.

How I started working in digital

I started out my real web career in an ad agency. When I signed my contract I’d never heard of the agency, contrary to other people I knew. Three years before, I got my master in experimental film and had not much knowledge of graphical design. When peopled asked me where I worked, a lot […]

About music and record players

I’ve always been a fervent music lover and was “raised on music”.In my memories there was always a record playing in the living room. Especially my dad had a huge love for classical music and opera. Often my parents would remember me at age 7, able to tell to every composer of any record they […]