I write about stuff I gather and about things that inspire me in some way, written in broken english.

  • About Jonas Mekas and memories
    This Christmas holiday we watched a long part of ‘As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty‘ from 2000. The movie is a 5h (288 min) compilation of Jonas Mekas’ home movies filmed over a […]
  • Minimalist watches
    Last update – 02-04-2021. I am the proud owner of a vintage ’70 Cornavin tiny wristwatch. Finding it was a long journey through history and a lot of watchmakers websites. As a lover of minimal design and black, I […]
  • About rabbit holes
    Generally before buying something new, I spend some decent amount of time researching all options, reading reviews, looking for other people’s experiences etc before deciding upon buying anything.I call these searches my “dives into rabbit holes”. You jump into […]
  • Vintage USSR watches
    Apart from love for music, I inherited another fascination from my dad. A love for watches. I don’t remember when exactly he started collecting watches, or if he always has. But as a teenager he gave me my first […]
  • How I started working in digital
    I started out my real web career in an ad agency. When I signed my contract I’d never heard of the agency, contrary to other people I knew. Three years before, I got my master in experimental film and […]