The drive of learning new things

As I am getting older, I noticed learning new things changes. Nothing seems really “new” and often a “been there, seen that” feeling is around. But that doesn’t need to be a bad thing.
I often described myself as an early sceptic, contrary to early adopters. But off course I always do check the new things out because, well, curiosity. But also because learning new things can create such a specific drive.
So I recently decided to get started with Eleventy as so many people have been recommending it. Getting started with it was pretty easy, the available documentation is great. But once you want to do more specific, custom things, that’s when things get more challenging. But that’s also when I (re-)discover the fun I always have with new things, when you notice you forgot to have (or even worse, make) dinner because you’re trying stuff, when you don’t want to go to bed or consider taking your laptop upstairs to continue a bit longer in bed. That drive.